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Daylight :)

hello bloggers ,
im back from the test,
i wanna told you about 1 movie , the movie is very awesome.

The movie started with a robbers , about 5 or 6 robbers runaway after they robbed the car, and hit ti the tunnel of new jersey. then the robbers hit the truck and fulled of explosions. then the tunnel exploded with several cars and people there , but there's some survivors inside that tunnel , and it they was full of blood . about 12 survivors inside there , there was an actor, 1 girl and her parents , 2 old granny with their dog , 1 police , and there was also 4 people whom wanted to sent to jail , 1 girl only. and there was also one crazy girl , she was now bankrupt. She only had her car. then there was a guy named KIT LATURA who wanted to saved the survivors inside there , he believed that inside there , there was people who saved but the other people didnt believed that.

well , eventough there was a small explosions , water running out. they can survive. but some of them was dead. Kit latura save them , and Kit latura almost dead,

this movie is very good. you had to watched it eventhough this movie was released on 1996, i still can enjoyed this movie !!

this is sylvester stallone after he saw george was dead.

this is the situation when they heard the other explosions.

this is when the first time exploded.

this is when Latura rescued George from the car..

i really really love this movie ,

and i post the other blog tommorow
see ya !

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- Twilight -


Seventeen year old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has decided to leave sunny Phoenix to spend some time with her father Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) and minor league baseball-playing stepfather Phil Dwyer (Matt Bushell) can go on the road together for spring training and perhaps even move to Jacksonville, Florida. Bella's relationship with her father is cool, even though she hasn't seen him in several years. When she arrives in Forks, he surprises her with the gift of a red pickup truck that he purchased from his best friend Billy Black (Gil Birmingham). Bella remembers making mudpies with Billy's son Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and looks forward to having at least one friend at Forks High School, until Jacob reminds her that he is a Quileute Indian and goes to school on the Reservation. Not to worry. On her first day of school, Bella is befriended by Eric Yorkie (Justin Chon), the school's "eyes and ears", and he introduces her to some of the other students. Everything is looking cool so far.

Cool, that is, until she meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Edward is one of five foster kids adopted by Dr Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) and his wife Esme (Elizabeth Reaser). There's also Alice (Ashley Greene) and Emmett (Kellan Lutz) Cullen, and the twins, Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) Hale. From the moment Edward lays eyes on Bella, he can't stop scowling at her. When Bella is assigned as Edward's lab partner in Biology class and he storms out the door when the bell rings, Bella is puzzled as to what she could have done to anger him. When she overhears him in the office attempting to transfer out of Biology, she decides to confront him and ask him what is his problem. However, she doesn't get the chance because Edward is absent for the next several days. When Edward does return to school, he seems changed. He introduces himself to Bella and asks her about herself, her family, and whether or not she likes the cold, rainy climate in Forks. Later that day, as Bella is about to get into her truck, another car careens out of control in the school parking lot. Within seconds, Edward has crossed the lot, pulled Bella out of the way, and seemingly stopped the car with his bare hand, leaving Bella more puzzled than before. When she tries to ask Edward how he did it, he simply chalks it up to an "adrenalin rush" and refuses to talk about it. Further, he says that they probably shouldn't even be friends.

That doesn't stop Bella from asking Edward to be her date when the kids decide to go surfing at La Push Beach on the Indian Reservation, but Edward doesn't show. When the kids are joined on the beach by Jacob Black and two of his friends from the Reservation and they learn that Edward Cullen was supposed to be Bella's date, one of Jacob's friends remarks, "The Cullens don't come here." Later, Bella asks Jacob what was meant by that remark, and Jacob tells her of a Quileute legend that says the Quileutes were descended from wolves whereas the Cullens were descended from an enemy clan. The legend also goes that the Quileutes and the Cullens made a pact that required the Cullens to stay off Quileute land in exchange for the Quileutes keeping it secret what the Cullens really were. Bella googles Quileute legends and notices that there is a bookstore in Port Angeles that sells several books on Quileute legends, so she goes along with her new friends, Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick) and Angela Weber (Christian Serratos), when they decide to go shopping in Port Angeles for their prom dresses.

After purchasing her books, Bella heads to the restaurant where she planned to meet Jessica and Angela for dinner before heading back to Forks. Along the way, however, she is stopped by four guys with no good on their minds. Suddenly, Edward drives up, forces the guys to back off, and orders Bella to get into the car. When Edward and Bella finally join Jessica and Angela, the girls have already eaten. Edward offers to see that Bella gets some dinner and then to drive her back to Forks, so Jessica and Angela take off, giving Bella and Edward a chance to talk privately. Edward reveals that he was following Bella because he has developed very protective feelings towards her. He also lets it slip that he could read what was in the minds of those low-lives and that he can read just about anyone's mind...except for hers.

On the drive back to Forks, Bella accidentally touches Edward's hand and is amazed at how cold it is. As they pass the Forks Police Department, they see several police cars, including that of Bella's father, with their lights flashing. Dr Cullen's car is also there, so Bella and Edward stop to see what's happening. They learn from Carlisle that the body of Waylon Forge, a good friend of her father, was just found lying in a boat, dead from what looks like an animal attack, this being the second animal attack to happen near Forks. Later, after Bella has returned home with her father, she starts paging through the books she purchased and comes across a Quileute legend about "The Cold One". Googling it, she learns that "The Cold One", aka Apotamkin, is a fanged creature, described as undead, immortal, possessing incredible speed, strength, and cold skin. It is said to drink human blood and variously equated with other legends about vampires.

The next day, Bella confronts Edward with her findings. He doesn't deny it. He takes her to the top of a mountain, out of the cloud bank, and shows her how a vampire's skin sparkles in the sunlight. He explains how the Cullen family has learned to live on animal blood and consider themselves "vegetarian vampires". Still, I am a killer, he says, and admits that he's never wanted a human's blood as much as he wants hers. I don't care, Bella replies. Edward goes on to explain that Carlisle turned him in 1918 when he was dying of Spanish influenza and that Waylon was killed by some other vampires...not the Cullens. The relationship between Bella and Edward progresses to the point where Edward decides to take Bella home to meet his family. All of the Cullens are super-welcoming to Bella...all except for Rosalie, who is concerned that the relationship between Edward and Bella may end badly (i.e., Edward will end up harming Bella), implicating the entire family and forcing them to move again. However, Edward is super careful not to lose control when he's around Bella, and the relationship continues to grow.

One rainy afternoon, Edward takes Bella out to play baseball with his family. In the middle of the game, three figures come walking out of the mist. Fearfully, the Cullens regroup, hiding Bella behind him. The intruders are the rogue vampires who have been feasting on humans, including Waylon Forge. They introduce themselves as Laurent (Edi Gathegi), Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre), and James (Cam Gigandet) and ask whether they can join the Cullens for a game. Carlisle warily agrees, and everyone moves back into the field to take their places. Suddenly, James sniffs the air and realizes that there is a human in their midst. "You brought a snack," he sneers and heads toward Bella. Edward jumps between them. Laurent backs off and agrees to leave, taking James and Victoria with him. "Get Bella out of here," Carlisle warns Edward. As they quickly drive away, Edward explains to Bella that James is a tracker. Now that he's got her scent, he won't give up until he has her. Bella's only salvation is if they can get to James first, rip him apart, and burn the pieces.

Edward's plan is to catch a ferry to Vancouver, but Bella insists on going home first, against Edward's better judgement. They plan a ruse to get Bella quickly in and out of the house without her father knowing what's happening. When Bella gets home, she runs into the house and slams the front door, shouting, "It's over!" at Edward. She then informs her dad that she's got to get away from! She packs a nightbag and, against her father's protests, gets in the truck (where Edward is waiting), and they drive away. Unfortunately, James has already tracked Bella to Charlie's house and is on to their trail. First they stop at the Cullens' house, where they are surprised that Laurent has shown up to warn them about James and Victoria. The plan now is for Alice and Jasper to drive Bella south, while the others, including Rosalie and Esme dressed in Bella's clothes, attempt to create a false trail through the woods. It doesn't take long, however, for James to realize that he's been duped.

When James changes his course, Alice senses the change and has a vision of James heading to a ballet studio in Phoenix where Bella once took lessons. While Jasper and Alice check them into a hotel in Phoenix, Bella gets a call on her cellphone from her mother, frantically worried about her. Suddenly, James comes on the line and informs Bella that he got her Phoenix address from Forks High School and arrived there just as her worried mom also got there. If Bella wants to save Renée's life, she must ditch Jasper and Alice and meet James in her old ballet studio. Bella takes a taxi to the studio but, when she gets there, she finds that it was a trick. James got an old movie from her house, and it was only Renée's voice Bella was hearing. James then taunts her further by threatening to film their "time together" in order to break Edward's heart.

As the camera rolls, James bats Bella around the room, then breaks her leg. Suddenly, Edward shows up, having gotten there faster than the others because of his greater speed. With their vampire strength, James and Edward toss each other around the room, breaking mirrors and windows with the impact of their bodies. At one point, James manages to swoop down in Bella and bite her arm. Just then, Carlisle, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper show up. Alice races to Bella's side, while Carlisle pulls Edward off James, telling him that Bella needs him more. Overpowered by the smell of Bella's blood, Alice asks Carlisle to take over for her. While Carlisle bends over Bella, Alice breaks James' neck, and she, Jasper, and Emmett start a fire to burn his body. Carlisle says that Bella's femoral artery is severed and she's losing a lot of blood...but even more important is the fact that she's been bitten, and the vampire venom has begun to affect her. Edward has a decision to make...either let the change happen or suck out the venom. Edward refuses to allow the change, so he decides to suck out the venom even though it means that he might not be able to stop.

When Bella awakens, she is in the hospital, her mother at her side and Edward asleep in a chair. Bella claims not to remember anything that happened, so Renée tells her how Edward and his dad came down from Forks to persuade her to return, and when Bella went to see them at their hotel, she tripped, fell down two flights of stairs, broke her leg, went through a window, and lost a lot of blood. When Renée leaves to get Charlie, who's waiting in the hospital cafeteria, Edward "wakes up". He tells Bella that they took care of James and that Victoria ran off. Then he lowers the boom. He wants Bella to move to Jacksonville with her mother so that she can't be hurt anymore by her association with him. Bella refuses.

Bella moves back to Forks with her dad. With her leg still in a cast, Bella attends the prom with Edward. When Edward goes off to park the car, Jacob sits down next to Bella. He tells her that his father wants her to break up with Edward and that he sent a warning.

you know , there are Twilight , twilight new moon, twilight ecclipse and breaking dawn, i think breaking dawn is not good for children to watch. it's for an adult.

this is the story of Twilight New Moon

We hear Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)'s voice, quoting Friar Lawrence from "Romeo and Juliet": "These violent delights have violent ends.." and, although we don't know it yet, she is having a nightmare. She fights through a crowd of group of red cloaked strangers in the noon-day sun. She looks up to see a clock tower and the big hand that moves to 12:00. Suddenly she emerges from the woods into a glade of flowers, looking across to her grandmother (Christina Jastrzembska). Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) comes up behind Bella. She tries to warn him away, "Don't. She'll see you." He keeps approaching, however. She seems to welcome his decision to reveal himself and, as she takes his hand says, "Okay." They approach Bella's Grandma and Bella says, "Gran, I'd like you to meet Edward," but the words come out of the older woman, as well as Bella. She realizes it is her, older, wrinkled, and her Grandma is really her reflection, standing next to an eternally youthful Edward. He leans over and kisses her wrinkled forehead.

Charlie (Billy Burke), Bella's father, wakes her up from the nightmare. She's fallen asleep reading "Romeo and Juliet."

He wishes Bella a happy birthday. He gives her two gifts, a digital camera from him, and a scrapbook from her mother. She protests weakly as she'd thought they'd agreed that she wasn't going to get any presents. He jokes that she is obsessed with aging and points out a grey hair on her head. Bella scurries to the mirror, relieved that he was kidding.

As Bella drives to school in her old brick red, beat-up Chevrolet truck (license plate 24G-7HI) the radio relays that three hikers are missing, presumed dead. When she arrives at the parking lot she talks to her friends, Jessica, Mike, Angela, and Eric, all of who seem to know nothing of her birthday. She takes a picture of them as Edward drives up in the parking lot in a brand-new, black Volvo 2010 X60 (license plate 57F-6D3). The rest of the group depart when he arrives. Edward wishes her a happy birthday. Bella tells him shes not very happy about it. She's eighteen now, which is a year older than him. Edward discounts her worry. After all, hes 109. They kiss passionately but he breaks away, saying that they need to go to class. He also stops her because Jacob wants to see her, even though he hasn't arrived yet.

When he does Edward backs away. Bella marvels at the changes that have come over Jacob (Taylor Lautner), teasing him about taking anabolic steroids. He too gives Bella a gift. It's a dreamcatcher, a woven band meant to keep bad dreams away. "That's kinda perfect," says Bella, reflecting on her nightmare. Jacob departs.

Edward asks Bella why Jacob Black can give her gifts but he cannot. She tells him the reason is that she cannot give him back anything.

In the hallway of the school the rest of the school-age Cullen clan arrive. Though Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) is glad to see her, Jasper Cullen (Jackson Rathbone) remains aloof, staring at her from the other side of the hallway. Alice gives her a present which, using her vampire ability of augury, tells Bella she will love. She also invites Bella to a birthday party they're going to have for her that night, which starts at 7:00. Bella agrees but then realizes that Jasper has altered her mood to make her happily agree and gently chides him for it.

In class Edward and Bella are talking during the movie that is being shown. Edward says how doesn't like Romeo because he is so quick to act after he sees Juliet dead, but he is jealous of him for one reason. Bella believes this to be of Juliet, but he says it is of the ease of suicide humans have, since it is almost impossible for vampires. He later tells Bell that he began to think along these lines when he thought Bella might not have survived the attack by James a few months before. He says he would have gone and provoked the Volturi. Bella is horrified by this thought and says he should never say it again. Edwards is then questioned by their teacher, Mr. Berty, who believes he's not been paying attention to the BBC version of "Romeo and Juliet" they've been watching. Edward responds by quoting Romeo's final soliloquy from the play.

"O, here Will I set up my everlasting rest, And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and, lips, O you The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss"

This silences their teacher.

Bella goes to the Cullens' house for a birthday party. Before the proceedings Edward and Bella stand before a painting of the Volturi, which includes Edward's vampiric father Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli). The painting comes to life, showing an earlier time, as Edward explains that Carlisle lived with them for a few decades and that the Volturi are the closest things the vampire race has to royalty. They have no respect for human life but they do respect the arts, the sciences and, above all, the law. The Volturi have simple rules: to not make spectacles of themselves, to not kill conspicuously. The penalty for disobedience is death. During this exposition the Volturi tableau shows Aro (Michael Sheen), the supposed leader, Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) who has long-flowing black hair, and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower), who has long-flowing white hair, taking a transgressor, laying their hands upon him, and tearing him apart as Carlisle turns away, disturbed.

Edward has broken the law by telling Bella, a human, too much. He also predicts that Victoria will come for him some day. Bella tells Edward that they would never have to think about this if he would turn her into a vampire. He says firmly that won't ever happen.

All are gathered in the main hall. Rosalie Cullen (Nikki Reed) gives her a necklace, which she claims was all Alice's idea. Then Emmett (Kellan Lutz) gives her an empty box, but tells her that he has already installed a new sound system in her beat-up truck ("Don't hate the truck," jokes Bella) . As she opens another gift from Carlisle and Esme, Bella gets a paper cut and a drop of her blood lands on the carpet. Jasper immediately lunges for her, unable to resist the temptation of her blood. Edward protectively throws Bella back against a glass table and repels Jasper, throwing him backward into a piano. Jasper comes on, mad for her blood, but he's stopped by Edward, Carlisle and Emmett. Bella's right arm is seriously cut by the shards. Even Alice seems tempted by the sight and smell of her blood and apologetically has to excuse herself. Carlisle also has to order Edward out, who stands transfixed by the bleeding sight of Bella, several feet away, with the excuse that only he can talk to Jasper, who must now be ashamed of his actions.

Carlisle takes her to get stitches in his office. Bella asks him how he can resist her. "Practice," he tells her. She asks him why he does it, and he says he wants to help people, even if he is "damned regardless." She does not understand what he means. "Like hell?" she presses, insisting this is impossible. Carlisle tells her of the belief that vampires do not have souls. Bella realizes that is why Edward will not change her. "Imagine the reverse," Carlisle says, "if you could take away his soul." He burns her blood in a bowl.

Afterward, Edward drives home with her in her truck. He talks about the welfare of Bella's soul. Bella argues that he can't always protect her. She will get ill, have an accident, and get old. If he turns her, none of this will happen. "That's not a solution," Edward counters, "It's a tragedy." Bella says she doesn't care about her soul. But its still Bella's birthday and she requests one last thing, that Edward kiss her. They do and Edward again has to restrain himself. They exchange vows of love.

That evening Bella prints out a photo of her and Edward. She folds the photo in half, leaving Edward's side facing up.

The next day the Cullens are not at school. Edward comes over to Bella's house after school before she arrives. He sees the bent photo. Bella arrives and Edward intercepts her before she gets to the house. He tells her they have to talk. After a walk some ways away on a trail in the forest, he stops and tells her that they are leaving Forks. "Carlisle is supposed to be ten years older than he looks and people are starting to notice." Bella says that she'll have to prepare some excuse for Charlie but when she notices that Edward isn't picking up on the suggestion realizes he isn't talking about taking her with them. "You don't belong in my world," says Edward. "I belong with you," she retorts. "I don't want you to come," he continues. "If this is about my soul, take it," she protests, "I don't want it without you." He gets more pointed. He can't stay with her anymore, stating, "You're not good for me." He asks her to promise that she will not do anything reckless, for Charlie's sake, and in return he promises her she will never see him again. He kisses her on her forehead and disappears. Bella runs after him and as it gets dark. Lost deep in the woods she trips and drops to the forest floor, depleted and deserted. She falls asleep sobbing. An enormous wolf watches her from a nearby rise.

Back at the Swans house (number 184) that same night, a search party is starting to form, looking for Bella. When it's mentioned that the Cullens have left town, Charlie's friend Harry (Graham Greene) says, Good riddance. From the woods at the edge of the house a shirtless Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) carries Bella in his arms. He hands her over to Charlie. Harry nods to Sam in some sort of recognition.

Safe now but still depressed and unable to see or contact Edward, Bella becomes despondent for many months. She writes e-mails to Alice (at acullen@) though they all appear to be undeliverable. She screams at night, waking Charlie. Her wailing is so uncontrollable that Charlie confronts her. She is to go to Jackson because she needs a new setting. He suggests that she leave Forks. Finally, to appease her father and to stay in Washington she tells him she's arranged to go shopping with Jessica (Anna Kendrick). Charlie finds this unlikely but is pleased that she's doing something social.

Jessica and Bella leave a zombie film called "The Dead Come Back" (showing at 7:00 and 9:45) Bella spies a bunch of bikers in front of a bar called One-Eyed Pete's. She recognizes them as the same gang that Edward beat up when they menaced Bella during their pre-courtship. Seeing them she also recalls Edward's admonition not to do anything reckless and she even sees a ghostly visage of him. "Keep walking," he says, "this is dangerous." He then disappears. Excited, and wanting to have another visitation, she assumes that Edward will appear before her only if she's doing something that will endanger her. She comes up to one of the seedier bikers and asks for a ride. He lets her get on and speeds down the street. Again she sees the spectral Edward, warning her not to do what she's doing. She arrives back in one piece, much to the horror and disgust of Jessica, who states that she's either insane or suicidal and asks her if she's now become an adrenaline junkie.

Bella continues to write e-mails to Alice. She describes her situation as having "a hole in my chest."

Bella renews her friendship with Jacob. She brings him two dilapidated motorcycles, asking him to help her refurbish them. Though she warns him that they're heavy, Jacob easily lifts them from the bed of her truck. 'You're like, buff,' she says, incredulous. 'You're like 16." "What are you?, he retorts, "Like 40?"

As they strip and reassemble the bikes the easy friendship between Bella and Jacob grows more substantial. She smiles. He introduces her to "my two boys" Quill and Embry. They state that Jacob has been calling Bella his girlfriend. Jacob corrects them. He was calling her a girl who was a friend. Jacob and Quill wrestle.

Bella is still plagued by bad dreams, however.

As Bella drives Jacob they see some of the Quileute tribe, Sam, Paul, Embry and Jared, cliff diving. Jacob is clearly upset by them. He refers to them as "Sam and his cult," and "Sam and his disciples." Jake says that Embry had formerly said they were like "hall monitors on steroids" but now was one of them. "Sam keeps giving me this look, like he's waiting for me," Jacob says.

Once the bikes are operational Bella and Jake takes them out. Bella drives recklessly, trying to conjure up Edward's spirit again. As she speeds along his spectral form passes by her on the road like mile markers. But she loses control of the bike. She wrecks the bike and Jacob drives his bike down the road to her accident. Bella wants to go again but she is bleeding from the head. She apologizes but then realizes that she doesn't need to around Jake. He pulls off his shirt and dabs her head. "You're sorta beautiful," she says.

In the cafeteria at school Bella rejoins her old group of friends. Angela (Christian Serratos) says she saw a large wolf and the group talks about how five hikers have now been killed. Mike asks her if she would like to go to a movie. He suggests, "Love Spelled Backward Is Love." Wanting nothing to do with romance Bella suggests "Face Punch." Bella invites the rest of the group to go along. Everyone agrees to go to "Face Punch."

At the theater Mike and Jacob wait outside. Jacob acts territorial as if he wants to frighten Mike away, telling him hears that "Face Punch" "sucks." Bella arrives and explains that's it's just the three of them as Jessica has bailed and Angela was home with the stomach flu. They go into the movie. The films tagline is "Let's Do This!"

As they watch the movie they hear the film's tagline ("Lets do this!") spoken during what sounds like a Mexican standoff onscreen. Bella looks down at the armrests on either side of her. Both Jacob and Mike have their hands on the rests, turned upward, as if waiting for her to settle her hands on theirs. The violent conflict onscreen turns Mike's stomach, who leaves to presumably get sick.

Outside, in the lobby (where posters announce other films coming up including "Parking" and "Gambling, Gods and LSD") Jacob tries to hold Bella's hand. She draws away. She's obviously conflicted. "I'm not like a car you can fix up. I'm never gonna run right," she says. "You're about to ruin everything and I need you," she tells him. Jacob says that he knows what's standing between them is Edward. He continues, "I know what he did to you. I would never, ever, do that. I won't ever hurt you. I promise." She puts her head on his shoulder. Mike arrives, stating that he needs to go home, claiming he was feeling sick before the movie. His weakness rankles Jacob who threatens to put him in the hospital. Bella intervenes and discovers that Jacob is burning up. Jacob is taken aback by his own aggression, says he doesn't know what's happening to him, and leaves in a rush.

Bella is alternately haunted by dreams and visions of Edward and her longing for the physical presence of Jacob. She leaves numerous phone messages for him, asking why he won't return any of her calls. She is told he has mononucleosis.

Charlie and Harry get ready to go fishing. Charlie is worried about leaving her alone and she, conversely, is worried about them going out into the woods with those hulking creatures. "Bears wont get the drop on me, Bella," Harry says, "My kung-fu is strong."

Finally she finally decides to track down Jacob and confront him herself. When she arrives at Jacob's house it's raining. Jacob has indeed changed; he's cut his hair quite short and has a tattoo. He seems ashamed of something and now, instead of trying to keep her around, warns Bella away. "I'm not good," he says. "I used to be." She asks if Sam and his cult have gotten to him. "Sam's trying to help me," counters Jacob. If she wants someone to blame for their predicament, he tells her, she can blame those filthy blood-suckers you love; the Cullens. She doesn't know how Jacob knows that the Cullens are vampires but it unnerves her and she leaves.

Attempting to "find the place where I can see him again" Bella walks into a glade similar to the one from her early dream and discovers the vampire Laurent there. He too is looking for the Cullens and is equally surprised by her presence. He informs her he is doing the bidding of Victoria and wants to know where Edward is. Edward's ghostly presence appears, "Lie," he tells Bella. She begins to stutter out an excuse. "Lie better," says Edward. Laurent asks why she has been left unprotected by the Cullens since he believed her to be some sort of pet. He also points out that she couldn't be very important to them if they've left her so vulnerable. Bella starts to plead and bargain but Laurent has decided she's too mouth-watering to not feast on. When Edward's spirit tells her to threaten Laurent, he doesn't believe her at all. He claims that he's being merciful as Victoria had planned to kill her slowly, painfully and he will kill her quickly. Bella believes she's going to die and simply says, 'I love you, Edward,' wanting these to be her last words. Before Laurent can strike, however, an enormous black wolf emerges. Several other wolves join him and they chase after Laurent. The last wolf to give chase fixes upon Bella and she is reflected in his canine eye. Up ahead Laurent thrusts the lead black wolf back and a vicious battle begins.

Back at the house Bella bursts in to inform Charlie and Harry that she has seen the creatures that have been killing people in the woods and that they're wolves. Charlie tells Harry to get some guys from the reservation together so that they can go hunting, and Charlie decides he had better go down to the police station to file the report. Bella urges him to go so that he will get out of the house, since she thinks that Laurent will have gone and told Victoria of Bella's situation, and that she will be coming soon to kill her.

That night, in her room, she hears someone throwing pebbles at her window. She looks down to see Jacob. He effortlessly climbs up to her second story room. He wants to explain to her whats going on with him but he can't, he tells her. He begs her to remember the story he told her on the beach in LaPush. She recalls the story of the "cold ones," the vampires but obviously can't recollect the entire tale. She brushes his hair but he sees the scar from the bite from the vampire James. Bella suggests that they leave Forks. She would go, she says, if he would come with her. He hugs her but realizes that he is endangering her and leaps from her window.

The next day Bella arrives at Jacob's house. When Billy Black (Gil Birmingham) opens the door he tells her that Jacob is not home. Not believing him, she bursts into Jacobs room to find him sleeping soundly, as though exhausted. Bella sees Sam, Paul, Embry, and Jared leaving the woods. She charges up to them, telling them to leave Jacob alone. They laugh mockingly at her, causing Bella to slap Paul. He immediately transforms into an enormous wolf, to the amusement of the other Quileutes. She runs from Paul just as she sees Jacob emerge from the house. She tells him to run but Jacob instead leaps from the porch and hurdles over Bella, himself changing to a wolf in mid-air. The two wolves engage in a fierce fight, destroying a small rowboat in the process. Sam tells Jared and Embry to take her to his fiancée, Emily's house.

Before they enter Emily's house Jared and Embry advise her not to stare at her. "Why would I stare?" asks Bella but she quickly understands. Emily Young (Tinsel Korey) is badly scarred on the right side of her face. Emily is kind and relaxed. "So, you're the vampire girl?" she asks Bella. Bella asks back, "So, you're the wolf girl?" "Guess so," Emily agrees. Emily starts to serve muffins to Jared and Embry as they openly discuss the werewolf world, including having to follow the orders of their alpha male, Sam. They all seem very nonchalant about what Bella's just witnessed. Sam, Paul and Jacob then enter.. Paul apologizes for transforming in front of Bella earlier with a tossed-off "Sorry" as she and Jacob walk outside.

Bella and Jacob walk on the beach as Jacob explains what precipitated his change into being a werewolf. "Bloodsucker moves into town, the fever sets in," he says. Bella says that she thinks what they do is monstrous and that he shouldn't do it. "Its not a lifestyle choice," Jacob protests as he wonders aloud if he's just "not the right kind of monster" for her. He also disabuses her of the notion that they're killing people. There's only one thing they do kill and that's vampires. She warns him of the strength and speed of vampires, not believing that anyone would be able to kill one. But Jacob says they "took out the leech with the dreads," Laurent, "easy enough." They had almost caught Victoria too; they had chased her all the way to the Canadian border. They can't figure out what she's after though, and Bella informs him that Victoria is after her.

Back at the Swans, Bella warns Jacob again about Victoria's incredible speed. "Your lack of confidence is insulting," says Jacob. He leaves as he "has a vampire to go kill."

At the same time a posse, which includes Harry and Charlie, search the woods for the menace while Bella decides she knows a way to reconnect with Edward after all.

Harry lags behind Charlie in the woods, eradicating any sign of the wolves. Behind him, in the trees, Victoria stalks him. She finally surprises Harry and clutches his throat, lifting him up off the ground in the process. Jacob, as a wolf, tackles Victoria, breaking her grip. She drops Harry, who then suffers a heart attack. Jacob and Victoria briefly square off but then she breaks for the ocean with the Quileute pack in pursuit. At the cliffs she dives into the ocean and Jacob pulls up short.

Bella, meanwhile, arrives the spot where they had watched Sam and the others cliff dive. Edward has already divined her actions. He appears beside her, again in spectral form. "Don't do this," he says. "You wanted me to be human," Bella counters; "Watch me."

She leaps into the ocean, goes under briefly, then breaks the surface. She's exhilarated initially until the surf comes in and pounds her back down. Through the murky water she sees a red-headed woman swimming towards her. Bella backs away, striking her head on the cliff wall. She begins to sink. Edward's presence appears beside her but it dissipates when a hand reaches down and pulls her out.

It's Jacob and he pulls Bella to shore, giving her CPR to resuscitate her. She comes back and he cradles her in his arms. Jacob informs her that Harry had a heart attack and has died.

Jake is driving Bella's truck while she shivers on the passenger side. "108 degrees over here," says Jacob, describing his ambient body temperature. She slides over and warms up beside him. They park. Jacob worries that what happened to Emily, Sam's fiancée, could happen to her. "Sam lost it for a split second. What if I got mad at you?" His lack of control is consuming him. "I feel like I'm going to disappear," he says. She responds that she will prevent that by telling him every day how special he is. They almost kiss and she nuzzles his neck. She doesn't want it to go further and starts to get out of the truck. Jacob pulls the door closed before she can. He smells a vampire nearby.

Bella sees the Cullens' car and heads towards the house. Jacob warns her she is about to cross a line that he can't cross because of the treaty.

Once inside the house Alice appears. Shes amazed to find Bella alive; she saw her leap to her death. "I didn't try to kill myself," says Bella, "I was cliff jumping. It" Alice tells her Edward has removed himself from them; he calls in only every few months. She also knows that Victoria has been around. She then crinkles her nose, "and what is that gawd-awful wet-dog smell?" As Alice is advising her that werewolves are not good company to keep Jacob appears. Alice gives them a moment alone.

Bella and Jacob quarrel again in the kitchen. They are angered and attracted by the other. Jacob kisses her lightly but is interrupted when the phone rings. Jacob answers it, "Swan residence," and then, "He's not here right now; he's arranging a funeral." On the other end is Edward. He's in Rio and he assumes the funeral is for Bella. He crumples the phone in his hand. Alice bursts in as Edward now believes that Bella is dead. He's going to the Volturi to end his life too. Bella is incensed when she realizes that it was Edward on the phone and that Jacob didn't let her talk to him. She leaves with Alice.

Alice and Bella fly on Virgin America airlines to Italy. Alice is driving a fancy yellow sports car, alluding to the fact that she hot-wired it at the airport, as they speed toward Volterra, the headquarters of the Volturi. Meanwhile Edward has appeared before Caius, Marcus and Aro. They reject Edward's petition to end his life as they find his particular gifts too valuable to destroy.

Alice gets a vision of the Volturi refusing him because his gifts are too precious to waste, and they offer him a spot on the Volturi gaurd. Alice also foresees that Edward will now expose himself to humans in broad daylight during the feast of Saint Marcos. They can drive no closer to the center of town, where the Voturi appear to be headquartered. Alice says that if she tries to save him he will read her thoughts and rush into the process even faster. Only Bella, whose thoughts Edward can't read, can save him. Bella leaves the car to run on foot. She dashes through red cloaks and down dark alleys. Precisely at noon, exactly as in her dream, she gets to the town square. She sees Edward in a darkened entryway, disrobing, and about to step into the sunlight. She dashes across a fountain and hurls herself upon him. Only a little girl briefly has glimpsed the glittering man.

In the dark of the building Bella says that, since she has seen him again, she can't let him go. Edward professes his love for her. He was going to end his life because he couldn't live in a world where she didn't exist. They kiss as the Volturi come to summon them. No laws have been broken, says Edward, now fearing for Bella. Nevertheless they are to appear. Alice breaks in, hoping to avert a confrontation. It appears they will get away until a young vampire woman named Jane (Dakota Fanning) appears. Both Alice and Edward appear afraid of her. They comply and go with the Volturi, taking an elevator down to an underground complex. They pass a receptionist who welcomes them. Bella asks if she's human. She is, she is told, one who wishes to become a vampire.

Aro is genteel but menacing. Alec compliments his sister for being asked to fetch one and bringing back two and a half (referring to Bella as the half). Bella is obviously a problem. She knows too much about them. Aro takes Edward's hand. Aro's gift is that he can read peoples' minds with a mere touch. He's intrigued as Edward can't read Bella's mind. He sees Edward's longing for her and is amazed at how much Bella's blood appeals to him. Aro is impressed at Edward's self-control which Edward says is achieved not without some difficulty.

Aro wants to see if Bella is impervious to his gifts. "Would you do me the honor?" he asks as he requests her hand. Bella complies. Aro tires to read her mind but can see nothing. He's clearly frustrated by this. He then invites his sister, Jane, to try her gifts on the human. Edward tries to intervene and Jane wracks him with pain with but a single glance. Jane then tries to inflict pain on Bella. "This may hurt, just a little," she says knowingly. She finds, to her consternation, that she can't affect Bella either. Aro bursts into a laugh and wonders what to do with Bella. Marcus says Aro already knows what to do. Caius points out that Bella knows too much about the vampire world and is a liability. Aro sighs and agrees, and summons Felix, a hulking vampire of impressive size, to kill Bella. Edward fights Felix but he's clearly no match. As Edward is put in the position of the heretic in the earlier tableau, about to be ripped apart by Aro and the rest of the Volturi, Bella screams for mercy and begs, "Kill me, not him."

"How extraordinary," says an astonished Aro, "You would give up your life for someone like us. A soulless monster."

Bella stares defiantly at Aro and tells him, "You don't know a thing about his soul," Aro is both impressed and offended by her impertinence and moves in to slaughter her.

Alice interrupts him though when she successfully prophesies to him that Bella will become a vampire; she's seen it in the future. Aro takes her hand and sees Alice's vision of Bella and Edward running through a sylvan glen. Bella's eyes are the amber color of a vampire, and her skin sparkles. "I'll change her myself," says Alice. "Your gifts will make an intriguing immortal," says Aro to Bella. As Bella, Edward, and Alice leave, however, Caius warns them to follow through on their promises as the Volturi do not give second chances.

Walking out they pass a group of tourists being escorted down into the Volturi chamber; they're obviously a meal for the vampires. One of the henchmen asks one of the guides to "save some for me." Bella looks behind her to see small children among the group. They hear the chamber door open and the screams begin.

The screams wake her from her sleep. Shes back in her bedroom in Forks. Edward sits beside her on the bed. Edward says the only reason he'd left her before was to protect her and that it was the hardest thing he'd done in one hundred years. He's interrupted by the entrance of Charlie.

Bella apologizes for disappearing for three days. Charlie says she's grounded for the rest of her life, then leaves. Edward reappears and says that Charlie won't forgive him easily for abandoning Bella earlier. Bella says he won't be able to get rid of her easily once Alice changes her. Edward still rejects that notion, saying there are always ways to keep the Volturi from finding out. But Bella doesn't dare risk this and makes Edward bring her to the Cullen house.

Back at the Cullen's home Bella says "you all know what I want" and requests a vote. Alice says she already thinks of her as a sister and votes "yes." Jasper votes "yes" saying that it will be nice to not always want to kill her. Rosalie says that being a vampire isn't a life she would have chosen for herself and she wishes someone would have been able to vote no for her. She votes "no." Emmett votes 'hell yeah.' Esme votes "yes" saying that she already thinks of Bella as family. Carlisle approaches. He's clearly going to vote "yes." Edward looks as if he's been betrayed but Carlisle says Edward has chosen not to live without Bella, so Carlisle has no choice; he won't lose his son.

Edward is driving Bella home. Bella suggests that they wait until after graduation, though she still wishes Edward would change her. They are stopped when they find Jacob in the middle of the road. Edward realizes he has to confront Jacob but wants to thank him first for protecting Bella when he didn't.

Jacob agrees with Edward's point but also wants to stress a key point in the treaty. If any of the Cullens bite a human (and here he's referring to the proposed turning of Bella) the truce is over. Bella says it's her decision. Jacob reminds her that, once she's a vampire he will have to help his tribe hunt her down; he won't have a choice.

Bella tells Jake that she loves him but begs him not to make her choose between him and Edward because, referring to Edward, it will be him. "It's always been him." Edward attempts to get Bella to walk away which angers Jacob. He advances and Edward pushes him back through the air. Jacob turns into a wolf before he hits the ground. They face each other, ready to fight. Bella reminds them that they can't hurt each other without hurting her. Realizing he's in a losing situation, Jacob bounds away.

The danger passed, Edward and Bella resume their talk of turning her. He asks her to wait. "Give me five years," he asks. "That's too long," she says. "Three," he bargains. She's having none of it. He marvels at her stubbornness.

Then Edward makes a different proposal. "I have one condition," he says, "if you want me to do it myself."

"Marry me, Bella."

She gasps.

The screen fades to black.

twilight saga a little bit bored , im just sleepy watched this movie.\

and now this is Twilight Eclipse

Bella Swan is reunited with the love of her life (and vampire), Edward Cullen. Her life is back to the way it was before the Cullens left, except for one major thing. Before Edward left, Bella had not considered Jacob Black (werewolf) her best friend, and she is in vain trying to make Edward and Jacob make peace and be friends. She is torn between the love she feels for Edward and the strong friendship between her and Jacob. Can she make them see reason, and can they be good to each other to keep from hurting Bella? And there are new dangers lurking around the corners; Seattle is stalked by mass murderers beyond humanity. Who's behind this, and what connection does it have with Bella? Everyone sparkles.

sorry i took it from because the movie not released yet.

and this is the last chapter.

and finally Bella and Edward FINALLY get married. Edward STILL refuses to turn Bella. Edward and Bella think Bella might be pregnant so they leave their honeymoon early. Carlisle doesn't think it's possible for Vamps to reproduce, but alas, he is wrong. In the end, Edward turns Bella into a vampire because Edward always gives Bella what she wants and he doesn't know how to tell her "no." Emmett and Alice are still the most amazing characters. Jacob becomes the "leader of the pack" And, I'm supposing everyone lives happily ever after. The vampires and wolves FINALLY become allies to protect Bella and Renesme from the Vulturi. The Cullen Clan also bring old friends from near and far to help convince the Vulturi that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a rare human-vampire hybrid. During all this chaos, Jasper and Alice end up leaving the Cullen-Clan to fend for themselves, only to come back to prove that other children (vampire/human hybrids) exist. The two of them bring proof in a little Mexican Boy whose father was a vampire and his mother a human. He also has brothers and sisters who are like him. The Vulturi accept the fact that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a hybrid and leave the Cullen-Clan alone. In other news, Jacob imprints on Renesme which makes Bella crazy..

i'd done thw twilight series.
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Toy Story Movie !!

hello bloggers,
today my post is about Toy story movie.
this movie is awesome.

Toy story 1 :
Cowboy doll Woody (Tom Hanks) is co ordinating a reconnaissance mission to find out what presents his owner Andy is getting for his birthday party days before they move to a new house. Unfortunately for Woody, Andy recieves a new spaceman toy, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) who impresses the other toys and Andy, who starts to like Buzz more than Woody. Buzz thinks that he is an actual space ranger, not a toy, and thinks that Woody is interfering with his "mission" to return to his home planet.

Woody, overcome with jealously, decides to replace Buzz at a family outing. He plans to trap Buzz behind a gap in Andy's desk, and rescue him later, but the plan backfires and Buzz falls out of the window and into the bushes in the garden below. The other toys accuse Woody of murdering Buzz out of jealousy, but just as they are about to punish him, Andy returns and takes Woody (instead of Buzz) out to Pizza Planet, a space themed restaurant. However, Buzz manages to sneak aboard, intent on getting revenge on Woody.

When Andy's mother refuels the car, Woody wonders how he will get out of his punishment from the other toys. Suddenly, Buzz appears, and is very bitter over what Andy did to him. The two end up fighting and roll out of the car, which drives off and leaves them stranded. Luckily, Woody sees another vehicle heading for Pizza Planet and knows that he can meet Andy there. He convinces (through trickery) Buzz to come with him (only because if he didn't, the other toys would attack him when he got back.)

When they arrive at Pizza Planet, Buzz climbs into a claw machine shaped like a spaceship (thinking it to be the ship home Woody promised him) filled with 3 eyed, green aliens who think that the claw is a god. When Woody climbs in to try and rescue him, both him and Buzz are captured by Andy's rather homicidal (to toys, at least) neighbour, Sid.

Sid takes them back to his house, and the two desperately try to escape his room before moving day. They encounter nightmarish mutant toys that Sid has butchered and stuck together again, aswell with Sid's dog Scud. Buzz sees an advert for him (Buzz Lightyear toys) and, though he knows that he is a toy, desperately tries to prove himself wrong by jumping off the banister and trying to fly out of the window, which of course fails, and he crashes into the hall below, where he is resecued by Sid's little sister, Hannah.

Woody can't get a depressed Buzz to join in his escape plan, even when the mutant toys- who are actually not evil as the pair first thought- fix his arm, which broke from his fall downstairs, back on. Sid plans to destroy Buzz by tying him to a rocket, but is delayed by a rainstorm. He decides to do it the next morning. That night, Woody convinces Buzz that even if he's not a space ranger, life's still worth living, though he himself despairs that he'll never by Andy's favourite toy again.

Buzz regains his spirit, but before they can escape, Sid wakes up and takes Buzz (still strapped to the rocket) out into the back yard. Woody and the mutant toys rescue him and teach Sid a lesson that you should always treat your toys nicely, sending him screaming indoors. But it's too late, and after all their efforts, Andy's car drives away without them. They climb onto the moving truck but are attacked by Scud. Buzz sacrifices himself to save Woody and attacks the dog. Woody attempts to save Buzz with Andy's RC. The other toys think that he is trying to kill off another toy (they still don't know that Buzz is alive!) and kick him off the back of the truck. However, when they see Woody riding on the back of RC with Buzz, they realize their mistake, and try to help them both back on the truck. But RC's batteries run out, and they are left stranded, this time for good. Until Woody realizes he can rescue them by igniting Buzz' rocket, and manages to save RC by tossing him into the back of the moving van as the soar upwards. Buzz frees himself of the rocket before it explodes, and both of them land safely next to Andy in the car.

On Christmas Eve at the new house, the two toys, now friends, prepare another reconnaissance mission to find out what other toys Andy is getting. After Woody jokingly remarks what toy could be worse than Buzz, they both hear a bark downstairs, and Andy's joyous cry of "Oh wow, a puppy!" And the two share an uneasy look as the film ends.

and now this is TOY STORY 2
Woody is excited to go to Cowboy Camp with Andy, as this event is a yearly thing when just he and Andy are together. However, during a small play period before they leave, Andy accidentally ends up ripping Woody's arm. Rather than take him to camp, Andy leaves Woody behind.

The next day, Andy's Mom holds a yard sale, and almost all the toys panic that they will be sold. However, the one in real danger is a little squeaktoy penguin named Wheezy, whose squeaker is broken. Woody manages to call Andy's dog Buster to help him, and they end up getting Wheezy back in the house. However, Woody is left outside and is soon found by Al McWhiggen, the owner of Al's Toy Barn.

Andy's Mom quickly plucks Woody from the collector's grasp, claiming that Woody is not for sale. When Andy's Mom turns her back though, Al manages to steal Woody, and quickly rushes off. The toys have seen this from Andy's room, and Buzz quickly rushes outside to rescue his friend. However, the vehicle pulls away, but not before leaving behind a feather. Buzz also notes the license plate, which reads: LZTYBRN.

Back in Andy's room, the toys attempt to examine the events as they unfolded, while Buzz uses Mr Spell to help him decipher the license plate. Finally, he hits on the key: Al's Toy Barn.

Meanwhile, Woody has found himself in an apartment, and once Al leaves, meets up with three other toys: a horse named Bullseye, a cowgirl doll named Jessie, and a mint-in-the-box doll called the Prospector. Each of the toys are excited to see Woody, but he has no idea who they are. They then show him around Al's apartment, where Woody soon realizes that he was once the star of a popular children's show called "Woody's Round-Up."

Back at Andy's place, the toys scan the television in Andy's room for a commercial advertising Al's Toy Barn. Etch-a-Sketch then takes down the location, and Buzz jots it down on a post-it note. A rescue party is then assembled, comprised of Buzz, Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, and Slinky Dog. Buzz tells the others that they'll return before Andy comes back from Cowboy Camp.

Meanwhile, Woody has been watching episodes of the old television show in Al's apartment, but is shocked when one episode ends on a cliffhanger. The Prospector then informs Woody that once public attention turned to astronauts, cowboys were out, and 'space toys' were in. Woody's mood soon sours when he learns that the entire collection of Woody's Round-Up merchandise, as well as the four of them, are all set to be part of a collection to be sold to the Kinishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Woody explains that he can't go, and has to get back to Andy. It is then that the Prospector explains that the museum will only accept everything if he (Woody) is in it. Otherwise, the entire collection (including Bullseye, Jessie, and the Prospector) will go back into storage...a situation that Jessie gets very upset over.

Suddenly, noise is heard, and everyone assume their positions. Al intends to get a group photo to send to the Toy Museum, but in the process, ends up pulling off Woody's right arm. Al then takes the arm and calls a toy repairman, while Woody freaks out over the loss of his arm.

Later that evening, Al returns to the main room, and falls asleep watching TV. Woody notices that his arm is in Al's pocket, and attempts to get it back. However, the VCR suddenly turns on, startling Al, and foiling Woody's plans. Al then leaves the room, and Woody notices the VCR remote near Jessie, prompting him to accuse her. Jessie does not take this lightly, and gets into a fight with Woody, before the Prospector breaks up their scuffle.

The next morning, Buzz and the others finally reach Al's Toy Barn, and split up looking for Woody. Buzz's journey takes him down the 'Buzz Lightyear aisle,' where he sees multiple versions of himself. Noting a display toy with a new anti-gravity belt, Buzz attempts take the belt for himself, when the display Buzz grabs him, and subdues him. Much like Buzz in the first film, this other Buzz assumes he is a real Space Ranger. The 'deluded Buzz' then seals Buzz in another Buzz Lightyear box, before being found by the others, who simply assume that 'deluded Buzz' is their friend. Buzz goes off with the others as the real Buzz struggles to get out of his packaging prison.

Back at Al's the toy cleaner has come, and fixes up Woody, repairing his arm, as well as cleaning and repainting portions of Woody. The cleaner even paints over the "ANDY" scrawling on the bottom of Woody's boot, making Woody look just like new. Al then takes the photos he needs, and goes off to his toy store to fax the information over to Japan.

Woody is now ecstatic to be fixed, and intends to leave...much to the ire of Jessie. The Prospector tells Woody that maybe he should try to patch things up between the two of them before he goes. Woody tries to tell Jessie about how great Andy is, but Jessie soon explains that she once had an owner as well named Emily.

Jessie explains how as Emily grew up, she was put aside, until finally being put in a donations box, never to see her owner again. Woody quietly begins to leave, when the Prospector reminds Woody that the same thing will happen to him, and that he can't stop Andy from growing up. If he goes back, he may become discarded like Jessie...but if he stays with the group of them, they'll be safe and last forever. Woody soon decides to listen to the Prospector, much to the delight of the other toys.

Back at Al's Toy Barn, the gang finds Al sending a fax to Japan, before Al heads back to his apartment to pack for his trip to Japan. The group jumps into Al' satchel, sure that he'll lead them to Woody. Back in the Buzz Lightyear aisle, the real Buzz has freed himself, and seeing Rex's tail sticking out the back of Al's satchel, follows along a few steps behind. As Buzz exits the store, he knocks over a display, which also contains a boxed toy of Buzz' arch-enemy: Zurg. The toy sees Buzz running off, and begins to pursue him.

Unfortunately for the toys, Al leaves his bag in the car, and they attempt to enter through Al's building using a ventilation system and an opening onto the apartment building's elevator. Eventually, they make it to Al's apartment, and find Woody, quickly attempting to rescue him, but not before the real Buzz shows up, and proves himself to his friends.

Woody then shocks his friends when he claims that he actually wants to go to Japan. Almost in a reverse from the first film, Woody eagerly explains about the television show that was inspired around his character and all the merchandise. "Woody you're not a collectible, you are a child's plaything. You, are, A TOY!" exclaims Buzz, intending to make his friend see the light. But Woody explains that he is now living on borrowed time. Any more damage and he could be thrown away. Buzz explains that Woody once told him that life was only worth living if you're loved by a kid, and that is why he came to rescue Woody...because he believed those words. When Woody still refuses to go, the others decide to leave him.

"I don't have a choice Buzz," says Woody, "This is my only chance."

"To do what, Woody," asks Buzz, "To be looked at from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life."

After they leave, Woody contemplates what Buzz said, and as an episode of the Round-Up show plays on the TV, Woody looks at his boot, and scrapes off the paint covering the name "ANDY." Woody suddenly has a second thought, and goes to the ventilation grate, and yells to Buzz that he's changed his mind, but then asks Jessie and Bullseye to come with him. Jessie is afraid of being hurt again, but Woody really wants her to come. Woody is about to ask the Prospector, when he finds the Prospector out of his box, sealing off the ventilation shaft cover.

The Prospector's anger then comes out: having spent his entire life in a package and never having been bought. He fully intends to go to Japan along with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

and now this is TOY STORY 3

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, departs for college. Although at first excited by their new surroundings, and the seemingly friendly toys who also live at the centre, it isn't long before they become determined to return home- a resolution shared by Andy, who begins to realise that his toys always have a place in his heart.

sorry guys , i didnt watch Toy Story 3 .hahaha

and this some pictures from toy story 3

and now this's the character of toy story 1-3

this is Woody

this is Buzz LightYear

this is Jessie

this is Bullyese

this is Rex

this is Hamm

this is Slinky Dog

this is Mr.Potato Head

this is Ken

this is Sarge

this is Bo Peep

this is Lenny

this is wheezy

this is etch

this is Mr.Spell

and thats all the character , i didnt mention all because it's so many

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