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Toy Story Movie !!

hello bloggers,
today my post is about Toy story movie.
this movie is awesome.

Toy story 1 :
Cowboy doll Woody (Tom Hanks) is co ordinating a reconnaissance mission to find out what presents his owner Andy is getting for his birthday party days before they move to a new house. Unfortunately for Woody, Andy recieves a new spaceman toy, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) who impresses the other toys and Andy, who starts to like Buzz more than Woody. Buzz thinks that he is an actual space ranger, not a toy, and thinks that Woody is interfering with his "mission" to return to his home planet.

Woody, overcome with jealously, decides to replace Buzz at a family outing. He plans to trap Buzz behind a gap in Andy's desk, and rescue him later, but the plan backfires and Buzz falls out of the window and into the bushes in the garden below. The other toys accuse Woody of murdering Buzz out of jealousy, but just as they are about to punish him, Andy returns and takes Woody (instead of Buzz) out to Pizza Planet, a space themed restaurant. However, Buzz manages to sneak aboard, intent on getting revenge on Woody.

When Andy's mother refuels the car, Woody wonders how he will get out of his punishment from the other toys. Suddenly, Buzz appears, and is very bitter over what Andy did to him. The two end up fighting and roll out of the car, which drives off and leaves them stranded. Luckily, Woody sees another vehicle heading for Pizza Planet and knows that he can meet Andy there. He convinces (through trickery) Buzz to come with him (only because if he didn't, the other toys would attack him when he got back.)

When they arrive at Pizza Planet, Buzz climbs into a claw machine shaped like a spaceship (thinking it to be the ship home Woody promised him) filled with 3 eyed, green aliens who think that the claw is a god. When Woody climbs in to try and rescue him, both him and Buzz are captured by Andy's rather homicidal (to toys, at least) neighbour, Sid.

Sid takes them back to his house, and the two desperately try to escape his room before moving day. They encounter nightmarish mutant toys that Sid has butchered and stuck together again, aswell with Sid's dog Scud. Buzz sees an advert for him (Buzz Lightyear toys) and, though he knows that he is a toy, desperately tries to prove himself wrong by jumping off the banister and trying to fly out of the window, which of course fails, and he crashes into the hall below, where he is resecued by Sid's little sister, Hannah.

Woody can't get a depressed Buzz to join in his escape plan, even when the mutant toys- who are actually not evil as the pair first thought- fix his arm, which broke from his fall downstairs, back on. Sid plans to destroy Buzz by tying him to a rocket, but is delayed by a rainstorm. He decides to do it the next morning. That night, Woody convinces Buzz that even if he's not a space ranger, life's still worth living, though he himself despairs that he'll never by Andy's favourite toy again.

Buzz regains his spirit, but before they can escape, Sid wakes up and takes Buzz (still strapped to the rocket) out into the back yard. Woody and the mutant toys rescue him and teach Sid a lesson that you should always treat your toys nicely, sending him screaming indoors. But it's too late, and after all their efforts, Andy's car drives away without them. They climb onto the moving truck but are attacked by Scud. Buzz sacrifices himself to save Woody and attacks the dog. Woody attempts to save Buzz with Andy's RC. The other toys think that he is trying to kill off another toy (they still don't know that Buzz is alive!) and kick him off the back of the truck. However, when they see Woody riding on the back of RC with Buzz, they realize their mistake, and try to help them both back on the truck. But RC's batteries run out, and they are left stranded, this time for good. Until Woody realizes he can rescue them by igniting Buzz' rocket, and manages to save RC by tossing him into the back of the moving van as the soar upwards. Buzz frees himself of the rocket before it explodes, and both of them land safely next to Andy in the car.

On Christmas Eve at the new house, the two toys, now friends, prepare another reconnaissance mission to find out what other toys Andy is getting. After Woody jokingly remarks what toy could be worse than Buzz, they both hear a bark downstairs, and Andy's joyous cry of "Oh wow, a puppy!" And the two share an uneasy look as the film ends.

and now this is TOY STORY 2
Woody is excited to go to Cowboy Camp with Andy, as this event is a yearly thing when just he and Andy are together. However, during a small play period before they leave, Andy accidentally ends up ripping Woody's arm. Rather than take him to camp, Andy leaves Woody behind.

The next day, Andy's Mom holds a yard sale, and almost all the toys panic that they will be sold. However, the one in real danger is a little squeaktoy penguin named Wheezy, whose squeaker is broken. Woody manages to call Andy's dog Buster to help him, and they end up getting Wheezy back in the house. However, Woody is left outside and is soon found by Al McWhiggen, the owner of Al's Toy Barn.

Andy's Mom quickly plucks Woody from the collector's grasp, claiming that Woody is not for sale. When Andy's Mom turns her back though, Al manages to steal Woody, and quickly rushes off. The toys have seen this from Andy's room, and Buzz quickly rushes outside to rescue his friend. However, the vehicle pulls away, but not before leaving behind a feather. Buzz also notes the license plate, which reads: LZTYBRN.

Back in Andy's room, the toys attempt to examine the events as they unfolded, while Buzz uses Mr Spell to help him decipher the license plate. Finally, he hits on the key: Al's Toy Barn.

Meanwhile, Woody has found himself in an apartment, and once Al leaves, meets up with three other toys: a horse named Bullseye, a cowgirl doll named Jessie, and a mint-in-the-box doll called the Prospector. Each of the toys are excited to see Woody, but he has no idea who they are. They then show him around Al's apartment, where Woody soon realizes that he was once the star of a popular children's show called "Woody's Round-Up."

Back at Andy's place, the toys scan the television in Andy's room for a commercial advertising Al's Toy Barn. Etch-a-Sketch then takes down the location, and Buzz jots it down on a post-it note. A rescue party is then assembled, comprised of Buzz, Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, and Slinky Dog. Buzz tells the others that they'll return before Andy comes back from Cowboy Camp.

Meanwhile, Woody has been watching episodes of the old television show in Al's apartment, but is shocked when one episode ends on a cliffhanger. The Prospector then informs Woody that once public attention turned to astronauts, cowboys were out, and 'space toys' were in. Woody's mood soon sours when he learns that the entire collection of Woody's Round-Up merchandise, as well as the four of them, are all set to be part of a collection to be sold to the Kinishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Woody explains that he can't go, and has to get back to Andy. It is then that the Prospector explains that the museum will only accept everything if he (Woody) is in it. Otherwise, the entire collection (including Bullseye, Jessie, and the Prospector) will go back into storage...a situation that Jessie gets very upset over.

Suddenly, noise is heard, and everyone assume their positions. Al intends to get a group photo to send to the Toy Museum, but in the process, ends up pulling off Woody's right arm. Al then takes the arm and calls a toy repairman, while Woody freaks out over the loss of his arm.

Later that evening, Al returns to the main room, and falls asleep watching TV. Woody notices that his arm is in Al's pocket, and attempts to get it back. However, the VCR suddenly turns on, startling Al, and foiling Woody's plans. Al then leaves the room, and Woody notices the VCR remote near Jessie, prompting him to accuse her. Jessie does not take this lightly, and gets into a fight with Woody, before the Prospector breaks up their scuffle.

The next morning, Buzz and the others finally reach Al's Toy Barn, and split up looking for Woody. Buzz's journey takes him down the 'Buzz Lightyear aisle,' where he sees multiple versions of himself. Noting a display toy with a new anti-gravity belt, Buzz attempts take the belt for himself, when the display Buzz grabs him, and subdues him. Much like Buzz in the first film, this other Buzz assumes he is a real Space Ranger. The 'deluded Buzz' then seals Buzz in another Buzz Lightyear box, before being found by the others, who simply assume that 'deluded Buzz' is their friend. Buzz goes off with the others as the real Buzz struggles to get out of his packaging prison.

Back at Al's the toy cleaner has come, and fixes up Woody, repairing his arm, as well as cleaning and repainting portions of Woody. The cleaner even paints over the "ANDY" scrawling on the bottom of Woody's boot, making Woody look just like new. Al then takes the photos he needs, and goes off to his toy store to fax the information over to Japan.

Woody is now ecstatic to be fixed, and intends to leave...much to the ire of Jessie. The Prospector tells Woody that maybe he should try to patch things up between the two of them before he goes. Woody tries to tell Jessie about how great Andy is, but Jessie soon explains that she once had an owner as well named Emily.

Jessie explains how as Emily grew up, she was put aside, until finally being put in a donations box, never to see her owner again. Woody quietly begins to leave, when the Prospector reminds Woody that the same thing will happen to him, and that he can't stop Andy from growing up. If he goes back, he may become discarded like Jessie...but if he stays with the group of them, they'll be safe and last forever. Woody soon decides to listen to the Prospector, much to the delight of the other toys.

Back at Al's Toy Barn, the gang finds Al sending a fax to Japan, before Al heads back to his apartment to pack for his trip to Japan. The group jumps into Al' satchel, sure that he'll lead them to Woody. Back in the Buzz Lightyear aisle, the real Buzz has freed himself, and seeing Rex's tail sticking out the back of Al's satchel, follows along a few steps behind. As Buzz exits the store, he knocks over a display, which also contains a boxed toy of Buzz' arch-enemy: Zurg. The toy sees Buzz running off, and begins to pursue him.

Unfortunately for the toys, Al leaves his bag in the car, and they attempt to enter through Al's building using a ventilation system and an opening onto the apartment building's elevator. Eventually, they make it to Al's apartment, and find Woody, quickly attempting to rescue him, but not before the real Buzz shows up, and proves himself to his friends.

Woody then shocks his friends when he claims that he actually wants to go to Japan. Almost in a reverse from the first film, Woody eagerly explains about the television show that was inspired around his character and all the merchandise. "Woody you're not a collectible, you are a child's plaything. You, are, A TOY!" exclaims Buzz, intending to make his friend see the light. But Woody explains that he is now living on borrowed time. Any more damage and he could be thrown away. Buzz explains that Woody once told him that life was only worth living if you're loved by a kid, and that is why he came to rescue Woody...because he believed those words. When Woody still refuses to go, the others decide to leave him.

"I don't have a choice Buzz," says Woody, "This is my only chance."

"To do what, Woody," asks Buzz, "To be looked at from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life."

After they leave, Woody contemplates what Buzz said, and as an episode of the Round-Up show plays on the TV, Woody looks at his boot, and scrapes off the paint covering the name "ANDY." Woody suddenly has a second thought, and goes to the ventilation grate, and yells to Buzz that he's changed his mind, but then asks Jessie and Bullseye to come with him. Jessie is afraid of being hurt again, but Woody really wants her to come. Woody is about to ask the Prospector, when he finds the Prospector out of his box, sealing off the ventilation shaft cover.

The Prospector's anger then comes out: having spent his entire life in a package and never having been bought. He fully intends to go to Japan along with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

and now this is TOY STORY 3

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, departs for college. Although at first excited by their new surroundings, and the seemingly friendly toys who also live at the centre, it isn't long before they become determined to return home- a resolution shared by Andy, who begins to realise that his toys always have a place in his heart.

sorry guys , i didnt watch Toy Story 3 .hahaha

and this some pictures from toy story 3

and now this's the character of toy story 1-3

this is Woody

this is Buzz LightYear

this is Jessie

this is Bullyese

this is Rex

this is Hamm

this is Slinky Dog

this is Mr.Potato Head

this is Ken

this is Sarge

this is Bo Peep

this is Lenny

this is wheezy

this is etch

this is Mr.Spell

and thats all the character , i didnt mention all because it's so many

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