Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

Daylight :)

hello bloggers ,
im back from the test,
i wanna told you about 1 movie , the movie is very awesome.

The movie started with a robbers , about 5 or 6 robbers runaway after they robbed the car, and hit ti the tunnel of new jersey. then the robbers hit the truck and fulled of explosions. then the tunnel exploded with several cars and people there , but there's some survivors inside that tunnel , and it they was full of blood . about 12 survivors inside there , there was an actor, 1 girl and her parents , 2 old granny with their dog , 1 police , and there was also 4 people whom wanted to sent to jail , 1 girl only. and there was also one crazy girl , she was now bankrupt. She only had her car. then there was a guy named KIT LATURA who wanted to saved the survivors inside there , he believed that inside there , there was people who saved but the other people didnt believed that.

well , eventough there was a small explosions , water running out. they can survive. but some of them was dead. Kit latura save them , and Kit latura almost dead,

this movie is very good. you had to watched it eventhough this movie was released on 1996, i still can enjoyed this movie !!

this is sylvester stallone after he saw george was dead.

this is the situation when they heard the other explosions.

this is when the first time exploded.

this is when Latura rescued George from the car..

i really really love this movie ,

and i post the other blog tommorow
see ya !