Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Dear John Movie

do you ever watch Dear john? this movie is a sad movie ! very touching.
this movie told you about a boy who loved surfing then he met one girl with her friends but then her friends drop something, john helped her, from that time they became more friendly and john became savannah's boyfriend but then John only had 2 weeks there, he must return to worked,

this' the last day John with savannah

then when john left savannah they kept sending letters each other , they saved each letter send to them, but then savannah stop sending the letters they became liked dont know each other when john return home, savannah and john was tottaly changed, and john's father was dead, and the movie ended soo sad,

for how many year they seperated, they met each other in the cafe and the movie end !
il ove this movie very much maybe when you read this post this movie is weird ! you've to watched this movie !!

here is some pictures in dear john thj movie

when John helped Savannah !

this when Savannah read the second letter from John

this when John read the letter from Savannah.

so romantic aa

when John's father dead.

this is the poster of dear john movie

thats the poster !
and thats all see you at the next blog !

also dont forget to buy the book