Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Prom Night Movie (y)

Hello bloggers,
Have you ever watched this movie ??

The Story is about one girl named Donna who was returned home with her friend Lisa, and she saw her family dead in hand of Donna's Teacher, why? its because THe teacher Mr.Fenton, he admire donna, but then her parents didnt agree and fired him. And the night , mr.fenton killed her family, but then it was neaar to the prom night, While mr.Fenton escaped from the asylum,and came back to took Donna,

At the Prom night Donna and her friends were chased to killed by Mr.Fenton,

At last with help of detective, whos alive is only Donna and Ronnie, donna's boyfriend dead and also 3 of her friends.

THis Movie is really awesome, and frightening,

Donna - Brittany Snow
Bobby - Scott Porter , ( bobby act good at this movie , he saved donna but then he was dead )
Claire - Jessica Stroup ( this is Donnna's friend , dead at the first time, )
Lisa - Dana Davis ( dead because she wanted to saved Donna from Mr.Fenton.)
Ronnie - Collins Pennie ( he was alive)
Micheal - kelly blatz ( dead because she thought that who was in the room Claire but it was mr.fenton)
Detective NASH - James Ronsone - ( was dead because of his couragious.)
Detective wiinn - Idris Elba ( he was alive and the one who solved the problem and killed mr.fenton)
Donna's aunt - Jessalyn Gilsig
Donna's uncle - Linden Ashby
Mr.fenton - Johnathon Schaech (killer)
etc, this was only the main character.

this was when Donna hiding from Mr.fenton in her house , but instead she was hiding her mother killed by Mr.fwenton

this were Donna and her friends

thanks and see you at the next blog . and you should watched this movie !!