Minggu, 21 Maret 2010


i've watched TE[REKAM] , and its awesomeeeeeeeee . and the poster looks like this : Also starring:' *Olga lydia*
* Monique Henry*
* Julia Perez*

the story is about 3 girls Monique , Olga , and jupe. olga wanted to make a movie . They made their movie at her friends house. at the first they entered the house it was spookey. The house was really messy. Things are everywhere. at the first the movie only seen Monique and Olga. Jupe came Last. At this movie jupe was really funny, she made this movie became real, she made a joke, a mature joke. They made the camera on each area. They only needed 2 day. Atbthe First day, they only saw some ghost, they got the ghost from the camera . Then , the second day Monique told them that they've heard a sound, the sound was a girl who cried. Then , at the first time they didnt believe that, but Olga take the camera at Jupe's room. And its true , the sound was from there, but its not Jupe's sound its the ghost sound. then , they stressed. the decided to returned home. they heard some noise from the piano , they felt strange and they wanted to try looked at it, the piano played itself. wtf! then they screamed , cried and scared. and the movie is ended. The movie takes time 1 hour and 15 minutes. you should watched this movie. and its rated PG17.

thats all from me , and thankyouuuuu,